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Bowditch Parent Education Flyers:

Students will be given a specif time to come to school Thursday March 19 (LAUNCH DAY) to collect items, supplies, books, and check in briefly with teachers for more information. Except for Launch Day, the school is closed to students. Distance Learning will officially begin next Friday, March 20


Please see the below announcements from the SMFCSD:

Coronavirus Transition to Distance Learning March 12, 2020 ENGLISH.pdf

Coronavirus Transition to Distance Learning March 12, 2020 SPANISH.pdf

Free Meal Flyer 03.13.20 ENGLISH.pdf

Free Meal Flyer 03.13.20 SPANISH.pdf

Student Store

Does your student need any school supplies? Did you know that they can get them at the Student Store at school? The store is open Fridays at lunch, weather permitting and is located across from the bike racks, near the lunch area. See the Student Store page for more information on items available and pricing.

Archived Buccaneer Bulletins:

2019-2020 School Year

BuccaneerBulletin March09.pdf

BuccaneerBulletin March02.pdf



Buccaneer Bulletin_February10_2020.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin_February3_2020.pdf

Special Buccaneer Bulletin_January29_2020.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin_January27_2020.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin_January21_2020.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin_January13_2020.pdf

Special Buccaneer Bulletin_8thGradePicture_DramaFundraiser_ParentEdNights.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin_December16.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin_December9.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin_December2.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin_November25.pdf

Special Buccaneer Bulletin_Middle School Dance.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin_November18.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin_November11.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin_November04.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin Ocotber28.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin Ocotber21.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin Ocotber7.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin September30.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin September23.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin September16.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin September9.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin September2.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin August26.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin August19.pdf

Special Buccaneer Bulletin_AreYouReadyForMazeDay2019.pdf

2018-2019 School Year

Buccaneer Bulletin June17.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin June10.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin Les Miserables In Concert.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin June03.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin May28.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin May20.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin May13.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin May6.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin MazeDayCommitteeChair.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin April22.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin SMHS Welcome Reception.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin Staff Appreciation and Alligator Zone.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin April15.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin March25.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin March18.pdf

Buccaneer Bulletin March12.pdf

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