Bowditch PTSA Teacher's Programs

For general information, please refer to Bowditch PTSA Teacher Information Packet Coversheet 2020-2021


To become a member of the Bowditch PTSA: Bowditch PTSA Staff Membership form

All forms can be downloaded from the PTSA Forms page



For a description of the program, please refer to the Teacher's Grant Program Overview 2020-2021. Fill out a Teacher's Grant online application form (2020-21). Please turn in all necessary supporting documentation via email to, or leave copies in the PTSA mailbox in the office.

Once your grant is approved, you can use one of these forms to secure funds:

Last date for filing a grant: May 15, 2021


Program ends: May 31, 2021



The Bowditch PTSA has set up this grant fund to use as a response to costs (pre- approved: ergonomic, technology related costs incurred to facilitate connecting to students, organizational supplies or home office setup, teaching reference materials or subscriptions) incurred from the Distance Learning program during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic.

  • Reimbursement is up to $200

  • Items CAN be shipped to your home

  • This grant program is TEMPORARY and separate from the $100 Dream Dollars program

  • Bowditch PTSA may pay reimbursement directly (not through the district) in coordination with Ms. Morgan.

  • Fill out the Google form and Submit (in-store original or online store electronic) receipts with a reimbursement form

  • Postmark by January 31, 2021.


Please fill out this Teacher's Distance Learning Grant online application form and then email, mail or deliver receipt(s) and Payment Authorization/Request for Reimbursement form on time to Bowditch School ("attention PTSA")


If you are unsure about an item's eligibility or if there are any questions, please contact Harpreet McDermott at prior to submitting paperwork.


Last date for filing a grant: Postmark by January 31, 2021

Grants postmarked after this deadline or without proper receipts and request form may not be processed.

Program ends: January 31, 2021


If you would like to run a virtual club for students, please fill out the Student Club Adviser Program online application form (2020-21)  and a PTSA program committee member will get in touch with you to support you in getting the club off the ground. For a description of the program, please refer to the Student Club Adviser Program Overview 2020-2021. The PTSA thanks you for your commitment to the students!

Club proposals due:  Application submittal date will remain flexible for the 2020/2021 school year and must first be approved through the Bowditch Office


  • The Bowditch PTSA will offer each teacher $100 for classroom supplies. For a description of the program, please refer to the Teachers Dream Program Overview 2020-2021.

  • Make purchases for your classroom and SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS.  Please make sure that purchases that are to be reimbursed are on a SEPARATE receipt from other non-reimbursable personal items.

  • Fill out the Payment Authorization/Request for Reimbursement form (also available for download on PTSA Website under “PTSA>Bowditch Forms”.)

  • Submit the Request for Reimbursement form, along with your original receipts, to the PTSA mailbox and you will be reimbursed by the PTSA.

  • PLEASE use up your Teacher’s Dream funds before asking parents to donate supplies.

Last day to submit receipts and receive your Teacher’s Dream:  May 15, 2021

Bowditch Middle School PTSA