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Donations to Bowditch PTSA for 2021-22

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Help us reach our goal of $100,000 by making a donation to the Bowditch Middle School PTSA. We are asking for a donation of $225 per student.


To make a donation or to become a PTSA Member, please use the

Bowditch PTSA Direct Donation/Membership form 2020-2021.

The Form and Payment may be dropped off at the Bowditch office or mailed directly to Bowditch Middle School PTSA, 1450 Tarpon St., Foster City, CA 94404.


Online donations and PTSA membership can be made online (via PayPal) using our

Online Donation and Membership form.


Bowditch PTSA Membership (includes membership to the California and National PTA) is $10 for each membership. Benefits of a Bowditch PTSA Membership can be found on the PTSA Membership page.

Bowditch Middle School PTSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization. Donations (not membership) are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our tax ID is 23-7039143.

2020-2021 Welcome Letter from the Bowditch PTSA President


August 11, 2020


All aboard Buccaneers! 

And to our 6th graders and new 7th and 8th graders - a special welcome to our Bowditch family.  Your Bowditch PTSA is ready to launch into the 2020/2021 school year and is committed, steadfast and focused on how we will support our community needs.


The PTSA stands strong in the midst of this Pandemic to support our teachers, staff, students and families.  We do this in four ways:

  • The collective community voice of our membership carries more weight.  We were 500 strong last year, including parents, staff and many students!  You can submit your PTSA donation/membership form on Launch Day (OR for those of you ready to join NOW online, here is a link). This membership extends membership to California PTA and National PTA.

  • Even during the Pandemic, our financial backing of a multitude of school programs continues to support our students and teachers.  

    • Student Clubs, Student Council

    • Student Rewards Programs, Reflections, Spelling Bee, Math / Science Olympiad

    • Electives, Assemblies, Performing Arts, Sports, Bowditch Library

    • Teacher Support (for example, we were able to provide an emergency grant in the spring that directly supported teachers’ unexpected needs of setting up a home office to teach our students), Staff appreciation, Founders day

    • Technology support for the school

  • We acknowledge that many families in our community are impacted financially during this time. We will kick off our direct donation fundraising drive at Launch Day on August 14th. We have lowered our donation goal to $100,000 and acknowledge that not all families can donate the full amount. We plan to use a carryover from last year to fill in any gaps. (Please use this link to donate and support school programs). Don’t forget to double your donation by using company match programs through your employer. You can also sign up with Amazon Smile to support the school through your purchases.

  • The Bowditch PTSA understands that effective communication is a top priority for families in this shifting landscape. We work diligently to keep families informed with multiple mediums. Please:

  • Finally we support the school through volunteerism. This year will, of course, look different than previous years. We will remain flexible and look forward to working with the administration to find new and innovative ways that parents can get involved.


Rough seas or smooth sailing, we’re in this ship together. The Bowditch PTSA is ready to serve our community’s needs.


At Your Service,

Harpreet McDermott

Bowditch PTSA President

Bowditch Middle School PTSA