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Buccaneer Market

Buccaneer Market IS REOPENING FOR THE 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR.  The store is a convenience, brought to the students by the PTSA.  School supplies and some fun items are available for students to purchase.

Buccaneer Market is located just past the lunch tables as you head to the PE locker rooms and field.  

Hours: Open every Friday during lunch (11:20 am-12:00 pm) weather permitting


* No bills larger than $20, cash only

* Competitive prices!

* New novelty items like mini erasers, fun pens, pencils and pouches periodically available.  So check back often!  

Items Usually Available at the store:

* Please note that prices and store inventory subject to change.

- Students can use this student store form to make their shopping list prior to coming to the store.  Lunch time is short, pre-planning is helpful! 

- Courtyard locks are sold by the school and are available in the office.

- PE locks and uniforms are available from the PE teachers.

Bowditch Middle School PTSA
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