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Bowditch PTSA Communications 2023-2024

One of the PTSA goals for the upcoming year continues to be a desire to help raise parent awareness and a sense of community through a regular system of communication.  We have put together a PTSA Communications Team to help achieve this goal.  Our primary means of communications will be through our PTSA Website ( which will be accessible via a link from the Bowditch School Website, and our PTSA Facebook group (


  • The Buccaneer Bulletin is a weekly email sent out through SchoolMessenger.  It will contain information such as:

    • Upcoming school events (Back to School Night, Open House, etc.)

    • School news

    • Meetings and tryout date/times

    • Parent volunteer requests

    • Important messages from school administration or the district office

    • Other school reminders

If you have information that you wish to be communicated, please send an email to  We will then add your message to the weekly Buccaneer Bulletin, PTSA Facebook Group, and our PTSA Website. Please send your email by FRIDAY afternoon at the latest to ensure that it makes it into the coming Monday’s Buccaneer Bulletin.  You can also contact us at

  • The PTSA Website ( will have all PTSA forms, archives of each week’s Buccaneer Bulletin, as well as, notices of upcoming events and activities. The Bowditch School Website, which is maintained by the school and the SMFCSD, contains information regarding ALL school activities and will have a link to the PTSA Website.


Bowditch Middle School PTSA
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