8th Grade Promotion

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The Class of 2021 planning committee is evaluating options for fun and memorable, but safe, ways to celebrate promotion from Bowditch Middle School. Since we were not able to have our International Food Faire last Spring, we are pleased to share some exciting news about a new fundraising program for the Class of 2021 and we hope you will participate.

“Scrip” is the fundraising program that works while you shop – just purchase gift cards to use towards any household purchase including food, clothing, entertainment, gasoline and even dining out. Participating businesses include Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Safeway, Best Buy, just to name a few. Gift cards never expire and make great gifts for the upcoming holidays! Keep an eye out for more information coming from Principal Morgan this week.

In the meantime, you can start shopping now by downloading the RaiseRight app or register at ShopWithScrip.com using our organization’s enrollment code: 499891AE75L37


Please see these documents: “Join Our Scrip Program” and “Family Ordering”. It is a simple process to set up your family account and start shopping!

We trust the Scrip program will be a simple and effective fundraising program for Bowditch and we thank you in advance for supporting the Class of 2021!


The program is also open to local businesses. If you know of any who may want to be added to the list of retailers, please contact Joyce Lew at srndpdy@yahoo.com.


Through the lens of celebration and equity, we are excited to be able to offer both in person recognition and a virtual ceremony for our 8th grade students this school year. The SMFCSD middle schools have agreed on the following promotion activities to celebrate our students:


8th Grade Virtual Ceremony and Distribution Event

Date: June 14, 2021

Location:  Bowditch Middle School

Times: Vary by group assignments 

  • Students will come to school at a designated time to pick up promotion certificates and return books, chromebooks etc.  

  • A virtual ceremony will be shared with all families later that evening for speeches, awards and scholarship announcements.


8th Grade In-person Walk for Promotion Event

Date: June 15, 2021

Location:  Bowditch Blacktop

Times: Vary by group assignments (TBA)


  • Each student will be allotted 2 guest tickets, and will have an assigned arrival time for name reading.

  • Families will maintain physical  distancing in the designated area for viewing. 

  • After the student’s name has been read, they will proceed to a photo opportunity.  

  • There will be no food or drink allowed on the campuses, and after students have taken their photo, they will exit with their families.

  • All families will be required to follow health and safety protocols. Masks will be required for every individual on campus.

  • (Students will only attend school for the promotional activity, they will not attend classes this day.)


Specific ingress and egress directions will be shared prior to each day with our families.  An RSVP survey will also be shared soon for planning purposes.

Bowditch Middle School PTSA